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4 Key Authentication Effects for Optimal Banknote Security

Banknote security features are an important element that helps central banks protect the public and governments from counterfeiters and counterfeit-related economic losses. Unique, novel security features, together with their memorable visual authentication effects, not only serve to distinguish genuine banknotes from counterfeit ones but also facilitate a rapid and intuitive currency verification process for the general public.  

KolourOptik®: Nano-optic Display Technology for Banknote Security and Government Document Authentication

KolourOptik®, a technology developed by Meta Materials Inc. (META®), offers limitless design flexibility that enables the creation of a unique combination of distinctive and captivating visual effects, while ensuring uncompromising banknote security and sustainability. KolourOptik® originations are developed in a Class 100 cleanroom environment using the world’s most advanced electron-beam lithography and proprietary nanofabrication techniques. This process affords unparalleled overt and covert banknote security and document authentication solutions in the market. With a thickness of under 10 microns, KolourOptik® products can be seamlessly integrated into banknotes and government documents without requiring specialized equipment or processes. 

KolourOptik® Stripe: Optimal Banknote Security with Engaging and Intuitive Authentication Effects 

Renowned for its innovative banknote security features, Meta Materials Inc. (META®) now offers KolourOptik® Stripe (KOS)—a next-generation plasmonic banknote security feature based on its award-winning nano-optic display technology. Exclusive to governments and central banks, the KOS delivers a unique combination of omnidirectional (“always-on”) movement, 3D stereoscopic depth, and multicolor effects in an ultrathin form factor. With a toolkit of highly customizable authentication effects, the KOS enables new dimensions of security and storytelling. 

Customizable Effects 

The uniquely interactive multicolor movement captures the attention of users, providing a secure, memorable, and intuitive currency authentication experience. Effect, colors, shapes, and movement can be tailored to complement any banknote design theme.  

Glide Effect  Meta Materials KOS Glide


Multicolor images at multiple depths move in opposite directions. This effect is a crucial tool for banknote security features as it enables excellent authentication within a brief viewing period, also known as ‘authenticating at the flick of the wrist’. In addition to its smooth glide movement, this solution performs exceptionally well under low-illumination conditions and remains visible when the banknote is static.

Reveal Effect  Meta Materials KOS Reveal


Shapes move in opposite directions to reveal and conceal an image. This unique effect is highly intuitive to authenticate as it opens and closes like a shutter, presenting the authenticator with a delightfuldiscoveryof a hidden element. The effect instantly draws the public’s attention, creating an indelible self-authentication experience.

Drift Effect Meta Materials KOS Drift


The drift effect showcases patterns that move in a single direction. This is a specific, simple, user-friendly visual cue that can be readily seen with a directional manual action (e.g., tilting the note). It does not require any auxiliary tools for authentication, such as flashlights, ultraviolet lights, magnifying lenses, or any prior knowledge or specific skills.

Mesh Effect Meta Materials KOS Mesh


The mesh effect features multilayered patterns that move in all directions. This 3D stereoscopic parallactic movement delivers a highly visible, easily triggered authentication experience across wide viewing angles and under challenging lighting conditions.

The amalgamation of these individual visual authentication effects provides a comprehensive range of features, conferring significant flexibility and modularity in developing more sophisticated optical variable devices, which in turn opens up numerous possibilities for creating customized security features. The KOS provides a pioneering banknote security solution that integrates movement, 3D stereoscopic depth, and multicolor effects in a synergistic fashion, resulting in an easy and interactive authentication experience. Its single-layer, monometallic architecture ensures durability while inhibiting counterfeiting. 

Central banks and industry partners are welcome to contact us, request samples, schedule in-person meetings at upcoming banknote industry events, or obtain further information. Click here to view technical white papers and learn about the science behind our nano-optic banknote security features.  

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