The science behind QUANTUM™ stripe's ultra-thin form factor

NCORE: Supporting the energy transition by reducing reliance on copper

KolourOptik®—A Pioneering Technology Forging a Path towards Sustainable Banknotes

4 Key Authentication Effects for Optimal Banknote Security

International Battery Seminar: Raising Awareness for NPORE® and NCORE™

An Introduction to holoOPTIX® holographic notch filters

New Components to Prevent Battery Fires at the Cell Level

7 Things You Should Consider When Buying Laser Glare Protection For Your Team⁠—A Buyer’s Guide For Police Chiefs

Types Of Notch Filters And Their Applications

Part 2 - An Introduction To Laser Glare Protection Solutions

Part 1 – What Is Laser Glare Protection And Why Should Your Team Have It? A Special Report For Police Chiefs And Officers

CES 2023 - That's a Wrap!


Thwarting Counterfeiters With Nano-Optics

4 Layers Of Security With LumaChrome™ Holographic

Top 3 Visual Authentication Features For Enhanced Banknote Security

New SR-NIL Recombination Capabilities at META's Thurso Production Facility

META® ARfusion™ - Solving the Challenges of Fashionable, Functional AR Smart Glasses

Securing Polymer Banknotes With Nano-Optic Features

Arm Your Tax Stamps With Next-Gen Security Features

SAGE - META: Unlocking the Potential of Geothermal for Clean, Compact, Renewable Baseload Power

Designing Security Features with a User-centric Approach

LumaChrome Colour-Shifting Film – New Formats for the Brand Protection Industry

Counterfeit Products with Serious Side Effects

What’s So Special About HOLOOPTIX™ Holographic Film Notch Filters?

The Importance of Changing Security Features

The Threat Of Counterfeit Components To Electronic Supply Chains

Metamaterials Enabling Medical Breakthroughs - Part 2 Imaging

Advanced Materials Driving Automotive Innovation

Metamaterials Enabling Medical Breakthroughs — Part 1 Diabetes

3 must-have unique effects for security labels with nano-optic technology | Part 1: On-Off Effect

3 must-have unique effects for security labels with nano-optic technology | Part 2: Always On Effect - META

3 must-have unique effects for security labels with nano-optic technology | Part 3: ON-INVISIBLE EFFECT

INVISIBLE CAR?  Next Generation Automotive Metamaterial Applications

Top 5 Security Features for Government ID

Virtually Irreplaceable – The Importance of Cash

The KolourOptik® Platform

What is Light?

It’s about our people

MTI Strengthening Sustainability in 2019

The Role of Metamaterials in a Sustainable Future

The Rare Phenomenon Of Natural Metamaterials

What Are Metamaterials?

The Age of Metamaterials: A Perspective on Optical Nano-engineering

MTI's Perspective on Optical Metamaterials

This Technology is Outperforming Your Smart Phone Touch Screen Display

Quick Facts on Laser Strikes in Commercial Aviation

Why Are Laser Pointers Causing Problems for Pilots?

Top 11 Most Disruptive Material Technologies in the World

Why pilots need skin and vision protection from UV radiation

NanoWeb® Provides a Solution to Counterfeiting

Quick Facts about Laser Strikes

Smart Materials – High Growth Industry

MTI is proud to be Halifax’s 2017 Innovative Business of the Year

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