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Top 5 Security Features for Government ID


Sophisticated and Innovative printing solutions for Government ID and documents that leverage advanced  anti-counterfeit technology, security features and unique materials lay the foundation for document security. With identity theft, age deception, illegal immigration, organized crime, espionage and tax evasion on the rise, the need for innovative document security solutions is a priority for governments and individuals alike. Passports, immunity certificates, identification documents and tax stamps all require solid security in order to protect from counterfeits. According to Javelin’s 2020 Survey identity fraud reached $16.9 billion USD in 2019, and the dollar loss is only part of the story.

If the authentication makers and security features on these important documents employ older legacy technologies that counterfeiters have already mastered over the years, the integrity of the document and the security of the individual can be compromised. Nanotech’s nano-optic technology provides next-gen security features and solutions, based on nano-optics, that deliver enhanced protection against counterfeiting and identity document forgery. If you are an integrator, converter, or ID manufacturer, these are the top 5 next-gen security features for government identity and documents:

  1. Microtext

Considered to be one of the most difficult to reproduce, microtext printing is commonly used in passports and highly secure ID cards. When examined visually, microtext appears as a thin line but when inspected under a microscope or magnifying glass, these lines are essentially repeating text with phrases like valid, authentic, genuine, or important serial numbers and other information. Microtext is an important add-on security feature that enhances many of the other security solutions noted below.  Microtext can stump counterfeiters as it is very easy to overlook and is therefore hard to replicate. Standard photocopiers and printers do not pick up Microtext details, so the script will no longer be legible if a card is scanned or copied. It can also be added as a frame around the identity card’s photograph to stand out and add an additional layer of security.

  1. Specialized Layers

Holographic Laminate on ID cards adds an additional layer of visual security. Government IDs like Smart Cards, ID cards and drivers’ licenses contain holographic laminate for easy authentication by authorities. Not only is it tough to replicate holographic laminate because of the extensive technical requirements, it is also secure as the design of these laminates are customizable. Nanotech’s technology can embed multiple effects into a single security feature with thickness under five microns and is compatible with these specialized laminate layers.

  1. Colour-shifting Film

Nanotech’s LumaChrome  colour-shifting film provides exceptional security and intuitive authentication by way of a simple shift from one colour to a second distinct colour. Its impactful colours, simplicity to use, and durability have made it the standard in document and currency security for over two decades. Unlike colour changing ink, LumaChrome’s sharp colour transitions are extremely difficult to simulate, requiring sophisticated production equipment and specialized knowledge in thin-film optics to produce, which is not available to counterfeiters. It experiences virtually no degradation over the lifetime of the substrate and can be readily converted into multiple application formats like patches, threads, stripes, or custom shapes for integration into secure documents and Government IDs. LumaChrome security foil is a proven solution and has been used in 30 banknote denominations and multiple secure ID applications in over ten countries around the world.

  1. Biometric Data Chip

One of the most used security features included in Government ID cards and Passports is biometric data. Besides embedded technologies and design, this ensures the card holder is truly who they say they are. Chips with fingerprints, digital signatures and vital information is embedded into ID cards guaranteeing that the document actually belongs to the cardholder. Furthermore, secured digital biometric data is virtually impossible to alter and allows easy machine readability with reliable automated verification.

  1. Nano-structures and hybrid nano-microstructures

A combination of sub-wavelength nanostructures and microstructures like Nanotech’s KolourOptik® technology creates modern security features with a unique and customizable visual effect. Exclusive to the Government ID and banknote industry, KolourOptik’s pure plasmonic colour pixels patterned on ultra-thin microstructures create the thinnest, full-colour 3D movement security features, stripes and threads that significantly enhance the security of government documents. Nano-optic originations are developed in a Class 100 cleanroom environment using the world’s most sophisticated electron beam lithography and proprietary nano-fabrication techniques to create next generation overt and covert security solutions. At less than 5 microns thick, KolourOptik products seamlessly integrate into government-issued identity documents without the need for specialized equipment or processes.  Identity documents with intricate national designs are the pride of both the country and its citizens and are instantly recognized as trustworthy evidence of identification. KolourOptik’s hybrid structures can also be used to add customizable three-dimensional, realistic images of national emblems, cultural heritage symbols, seals, animals, historical figures, leaders and more.

To create secure Government IDs, organizations must use next-gen non-legacy technologies and new fabrication techniques with exclusive availability to Government documents. How secure is your ID card system? How are you leveraging new technologies & platforms for authentication of documents? Are your security features versatile and contemporary? To learn more about next generation security and authentication solutions from Nanotech, contact our anti-counterfeiting experts today!

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