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International Battery Seminar: Raising Awareness for NPORE® and NCORE™

META’s First Battery Tradeshow and Conference of 2023

The International Battery Seminar in Orlando, FL, March 20-23, META’s first battery tradeshow and conference of 2023, was a big success. We enjoyed strong traffic at the booth, generating many requests for follow-up technical discussions and requests for samples. We caught up with numerous longstanding industry relationships established by our team during the development of NPORE® nanoporous ceramic battery separators, which are uniquely heat stable to help inhibit thermal runaway. We introduced our new NCORE™ polymer-metal composite thin copper current collector, which replaces solid copper foils with up to 96% less copper content, to make batteries lighter, more efficient and sustainable, with a fuse-like feature for enhanced safety.

The META® Team in the booth at the IBSThe META® Team in the booth at the IBS

Many visitors at the boothMany visitors at the booth

NPORE and NCORE on DisplayNPORE® and NCORE™ on display

Presenting META’s Combined Solution for Enhanced Battery Safety at the Cell Level

On Wednesday, March 22, Dr. Steven Carlson and Dr. Peiman Hosseini presented “Next-generation smart passive components for improved safety and performance in Li-ion batteries,” which highlighted META’s combined solution for improved battery safety at the cell level, helping to prevent a short circuit from propagating into a thermal runaway leading to battery fires. By reducing copper content, NCORE™ also makes batteries lighter, improving vehicle range and efficiency, and makes the supply chain more sustainable. The presentation was very well received and generated lots of follow-up visits to the booth to see NPORE® and NCORE™ in person and discuss potential collaborations.

Steven and Peiman presenting at IBSDr. Steven Carlson and Dr. Peiman Hosseini presenting at the IBS

A Wide Range of Visitors to the Booth, from Industry, Government and Academia

META’s two components, NPORE® and NCORE™, are applicable to every Li-ion battery, regardless of format or chemistry, offering enhanced safety, efficiency, and sustainability. This was reflected in the wide range of visitors to the booth and requests for follow-up technical discussions and samples. We met battery OEMs ranging from startups and innovative companies focused on specialized applications to some of the largest battery makers in the world. Equipment OEMs included small, portable applications, such as e-cigarettes, cordless appliances, drones, and electric vehicles. We met with people from government labs, various branches of the military, and other government agencies, as well as researchers focused on next-generation batteries, including new chemistries and solid-state batteries. We also saw interest in PLASMAfusion® as a platform technology to deposit other materials in addition to copper.

Discussions in the booth at IBS

Discussions in the booth at IBS

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