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How MTI encourages social sustainability

What does sustainability mean to you?

Like many, your first thought likely surrounds anything green: protecting the environment, reducing emissions, and a healthy ecosystem, to name a few.

When it comes to sustainability, the environmental aspect isn’t the whole story. Sustainability is broken down into three pillars: environmental, economic, and social. Unlike environmental and economic, social sustainability is often overlooked, but is equally as important. 

What is social sustainability? 

Social sustainability is more qualitative, rather than quantitative. As outlined in the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), social sustainability practices universal human rights. It aims to create a thriving society by supporting areas like education, diversity, and gender equality to improve our well-being now and for the future. 

Social sustainability is also a critical way of doing business.

Social Sustainability at MTI

From the start, Metamaterial Technologies Inc. (MTI) has been committed to, and continues to improve social sustainability into many aspects of our company. It begins with the people we hire: MTI takes pride in hiring people with diverse skills and backgrounds. 

MTI has three locations: Dartmouth, CA, Pleasanton, USA, and London, UK. Of our total employees, 75% are engineers and scientists. Our staff represents 18 countries of origin and can speak over 25 different languages.

In the company as a whole, 40% of our employees are women, and among our engineers and scientists, 30% are women. As you can see, women are a vital part of MTI – we value and strive to encourage gender equality and women’s empowerment, especially in science-related fields.

Beyond our full-time staff, MTI also has a strong history of supporting young, local talent, particularly in engineering through Dalhousie University’s co-op program. Recently, MTI partnered with Mitacs and Dalhousie University for the largest Mitacs-supported project in Atlantic Canada. This partnership gives students an early chance to gain hands-on experience in cutting edge R&D and production development, preparing them for full employment as soon as they graduate.

Like the other two pillars of sustainability, social sustainability is an on-going process, that continues to evolve. MTI is committed to bringing greater awareness and to its responsibility to create a thriving environment for our people now and for the future.


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