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New SR-NIL Recombination Capabilities at META's Thurso Production Facility


Nanotech’s Thurso production operation is a purpose-built 28,000 sq. ft. high-security facility in Quebec. It houses research, development, manufacturing and is designed to satisfy the stringent production accountability and safety requirements for security device manufacturing. Nano-structures and meta-materials are the functional building blocks of next-gen technology devices and applications. To mass-produce these materials beyond wafer-level fabrication a step-and-repeat nano-lithography (SR-NIL) process or “recombination” is required. Recombination has become one of Nanotech’s core competencies and we’ve now demonstrated recombination at the nanoscale with negligible loss in fidelity, including high aspect ratio nano-structures.

Nanotech has built a sophisticated custom automated recombination system as part of our production facility expansion. Our new recombination process is supported by our expertise in Nano-optics design and fabrication, roll-to-roll nano-manufacturing and electroforming of micro and nanostructures. Nanotech’s new recombination process features SR-NIL to create large PET sheet masters containing recombined single origination or wafer-level optical devices replicated over the sheet. The recombined masters are used as a foundation to create Nickel recombined master and working shims through subsequent seed layer and electroforming steps.

The large format SR-NIL system now has the ability to process large, wide-web compatible, masters with a stitching accuracy of <10um, creating high fidelity security foil. Our Thurso nano-optic manufacturing facility is now one of the few production facilities in the world where high fidelity replication of high aspect ratio micro and nanostructures is now possible from wafer-level fabrication to wide or narrow web roll-to-roll embossed film.

What does this mean for our customers?
• This expansion has enhanced Nanotech’s capability to produce a wide range of anti-counterfeit solutions as we continue to grow our government, banknote, and brand protection business.
• Nanotech will now be able to recombine security foils with the highest quality and most stringent specifications for our customers.
• Anti-counterfeiting security features manufactured here delivers high-fidelity branding with ultra-crisp nano-scale resolution.
• Unlike legacy solutions, nano-optic labels, foils and OVDs provide superior authentication effects and the ‘shelf impact’ the consumer desires.
• Cost-efficiency and Speed-to-shelf are key for our partners & customers and our enhanced recombination system helps us manufacture security features on time, and in large volumes.

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