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3 must-have unique effects for security labels with nano-optic technology | Part 1: On-Off Effect


A large number of organizations today understand the value of secure brand protection solutions. There is investment in multiple security label formats like stripes, threads, tags and more that are difficult for counterfeiters to emulate. However, besides format and technology what are the unique effects ultimately displayed on the label that really help a customer authenticate a product in seconds? Certain security label effects observed by the human eye not only resonate with the user, but create a secure and memorable impact that could:

  • Encourage customers to purchase genuine products as authentication is easy (1 second)
  • Allow customers to quickly identify fake labels as counterfeiters cannot replicate unique effects
  • Motivate consumers to engage with the brand and explore additional products

Security labels draw on an arsenal of overt and covert features to help brands uphold the integrity of their products. If these labels are backed by nano-optic technology, it creates unique effects that help customers verify the authenticity of their purchases easily.

Part 1: On-Off Effect


‘Tilt-Look-Feel’ is the golden rule while checking for counterfeit products. One of the most frequent, natural visual authentication methods is tilting a label left and right. When a security label is backed by LiveOptik technology, it creates different effects that turn ‘on’ and ‘off’ based on which direction it is tilted. This is extremely secure as authentication takes less than one second, and the customer can validate the exact elements that need to appear and disappear based on the angle. Counterfeiters are adept at replicating logos, brand elements and static imagery, but it is extremely difficult for them to create on – off effects.  Here is an example of this effect:


  • High definition locks appear at centered normal viewing angle
  • Locks turn off while diagonal red bars and ‘VALID’ turn on during left tilt
  • Locks and bars turn off while ‘GENUINE’ turns on during right tilt

‘The Continuing Role of Human Senses in Authentication’  discussed at ODS 2020 emphasized that organizations should value the contribution of human senses and natural movements like the left-right tilt in authentication and educate customers to employ these solutions for enhanced security. To learn more about next generation security and authentication solutions from Nanotech, contact our anti-counterfeiting experts today!

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