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3 must-have unique effects for security labels with nano-optic technology | Part 2: Always On Effect - META


Security labels draw on an arsenal of overt and covert features to help brands uphold the integrity of their products. If these labels are backed by nano-optic technology, it creates unique effects that help customers verify the authenticity of their purchases easily. If you missed our previous post, Click Here to read Part 1: On-Off Effect

Part 2: Always On Effect


“Always On” is an effect where the security feature is always on display in multiple viewing angels and is light condition agnostic, making it easier to authenticate. This effect is achieved using nano-optic technology that combines sub-wavelength nanostructures and microstructures to create modern overt security features with a unique and customizable visual effect. It can be viewed without touching the item or document, even if it placed across a table. The Always On effect is striking, extremely pronounced, and emphasized by specific bright colors without holographic rainbowing.


  • Legacy technology security features are visible only at a direct viewing angle and good lighting conditions
  • No specific colours for easy authenticity check
  • If not viewed in suitable conditions, it turns into a dull foil, confusing customers


  • ‘Always On’ effect is constantly visible, making authentication easier
  • Light condition agnostic
  • Enhanced security as they are over printable and can incorporate magnetic, UV, taggant-based or other covert and machine-readable effects.

The need for unique effects in security features:

  • Eases the consumer authentication journey with specific transitions.
  • Counterfeiters can replicate legacy packaging and stock labels with traditional effects easily. Fight fakes with next-gen nano-optic technology that delivers enhanced security.
  • Black market counterfeit products are sold every day on countless e-commerce sites. Unique effects coupled with high-fidelity images and striking visual elements create a memorable and enduring visual experience for customers upon physical inspection.
  • Nefarious individuals and organizations can set up spoof websites and social media accounts to mimic a brand online and mislead customers. It is easier to educate customers about unique effects on labels of genuine products.

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