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3 must-have unique effects for security labels with nano-optic technology | Part 3: ON-INVISIBLE EFFECT


Security labels draw on an arsenal of overt and covert features to help brands uphold the integrity of their products. If these labels are backed by nano-optic technology, it creates unique effects that help customers verify the authenticity of their purchases easily. If you missed our previous posts in this series, Click Here to read Part 1: On-Off  Effect or Click Here to read Part 2: Always On Effect

Part 3: Invisible Effect


Authentication labels are said to have an “On-Invisible” effect when key elements are visible at the normal viewing angle, with certain elements turning invisible when tilted left or right. Nanotech’s LiveOptik anti-counterfeiting technology retains the original appearance of the image at 0°, but when tilted – the chosen components go into stealth mode and turn invisible. This On-Invisible effect enables enhanced security, helps fight fakes and creates a unique camouflaged look for brand authentication, licensing solutions and more. This effect can also be used to create overlays where the entire substrate, certificate or card has a transparent overlay with specific features ‘on’ at direct angles and invisible when tilted. Another advantage is that this effect can have multiple viewing windows or angles, with custom elements turning invisible in sequence.


  • Main logo turns ‘on’ at normal viewing angle while products are invisible
  • Multiple viewing angles when tilted right show products turning ‘on’ while logo is invisible
  • Complete left or right tilt turns all elements invisible


About Nano-optic display technology:

Nanotech’s nano-optic display technology employs sub-wavelength nano-scale diffractive structures and proprietary algorithms to enable high impact visual designs, product authentication, and brand protection. The technology’s visual effects include RGB true colour (24 bit), high-contrast movement, unique effects, and image switches; all using diffraction efficiencies approaching the theoretical maximum. Viewing angles up to 180 degrees along the horizontal axis and pixel resolutions up to 12,700 ppi have also been demonstrated.

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